Division of Natural Resource Economics,
Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University

Forest Policy and Economics

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Koichi Kuriyama(Professor)

【Research Interest】
Environmental Economics
Current research interests include environmental valuation, natinal park management, biodiversity policy, global warming policy, watershed analysis, and environmental accounting.
【Recent Papers】
  • Kuriyama, Koichi, James Hilger and Michael Hanemann (2013) A Random Parameter Model with Onsite Sampling for Recreation Site Choice: An Application to Southern California Shoreline Sportfishing. Environmental and Resource Economics, 56(4), 481-497.
  • Koichi Kuriyama, W. Michael Hanemann and James R. Hilger (2010) A latent segmentation approach to a Kuhn-Tucker model: An application to recreation demand. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 60(3), 209-220.

Yohei Mitani(Associate Professor)

【Research Interest】
Experimental Economics, Environmental Economics
【Recent Papers】
  • Yohei Mitani and Henrik Lindhjem (2015) Forest owners' participation in voluntary biodiversity conservation: What does it take to forego forestry forever? Land Economics, 91(2), 235-251.
  • Yohei Mitani and Nicholas Flores (2014) Hypothetical Bias Reconsidered: Payment and Provision Uncertainties in a Threshold Provision Mechanism. Environmental and Resource Economics, 59(3), 433-454.
  • Yohei Mitani and Nicholas Flores (2009) Demand Revelation, Hypothetical Bias, and Threshold Public Goods Provision. Environmental and Resource Economics, 44, 231-243.

 Postdoc/Graduate Students

Kayo Murakami [PD/JSPS Research Fellow (RPD)]

Tomohiro Kanayama

Hideki Shimada [JSPS Research Fellow (DC2)]

Shinsuke Kyoi

Masao Fukutomi [JSPS Research Fellow (DC1)]

Yui Omori

Takuro Metoki

Naoya Yukizaki

Daiki Yoshioka

 Undergraduate students


Yushiro Minato


Yuto Ando


Yuta Uesawa


Atsushi Kitani


Rio Takayasu


Kaito Nagano